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6 Reasons Custom CRM Software Development Is Vital For Small Firms

A customer relationship management system has become an essential requirement for large enterprises. However, small firms are not too keen on custom CRM software development. They feel that instead of investing in a custom application, they can acquire a readymade tool at a lesser price. On the surface, a personalized solution will always seem more expensive than a ready-to-use product. But when you dig deeper, you realize that a readymade tool is not so cheap after all.

A custom CRM solution will always be a better choice for all types of enterprises including small businesses. Entrepreneurs have to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. They have to generate more sales, handle existing customers, and grow their business, all at the same time. A CRM application streamlines the customer acquisition and retention initiatives. It helps in identifying new leads and nurturing them to reach conversions. It allows you to efficiently store customer data and automate marketing campaigns. While readymade solutions do contain most of the essential features, a custom CRM system scores over them due to the following reasons.

1. Custom CRM Tools Are Cost-efficient

The main reason small firm owners avoid building a personalized solution is the higher cost. But are custom tools really expensive? Most SaaS applications are available on a subscription basis. The fee is based on the features you want and the number of users at your enterprise. Most readymade tools offer various subscription plans that include some bundled features and a specific number of users. More often than not businesses find some features in their bundles unnecessary. As your enterprise grows, the cost of using the solution will also go up due to an increased number of users. Any new functionality will attract extra charges. There are no such issues when you hire a custom CRM development company. The agency will build a solution based on your specific requirements. The initial cost will be high but when compared to the operational costs of using an off-the-shelf product, it will turn out to be a better choice.

2. Easily Integrates With The Existing Infrastructure

Your new software solution will not work in isolation. It will have to be integrated with your existing infrastructure to ensure seamless collaboration across various departments. A CRM application will have to be integrated with your e-mail application, ERP systems, accounting software, project management tools, inventory management, and invoicing system. Integrating a pre-built application with so many different systems is never easy. Acquiring the extensions and APIs to conduct the integrations will cost you extra. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that a SaaS tool will support all the applications that you are using at present. When you hire CRM software development services, they adopt an API-first approach to ensure that the new system seamlessly integrates with all the applications.

3. Custom CRM Systems Are More User-friendly

Some organizations struggle with a poor adoption rate of new software applications. This is because the users find it difficult to complete their tasks with the new system. When you build a personalized tool, such issues are automatically eliminated. Custom CRM software development experts say that the right approach to building solutions is to consider the end-users’ requirements. They will use the system regularly and their productivity will be impacted the most by the efficiency of the new solution. Experienced agencies factor in the technical proficiency of your workforce along with their specific requirements while building an application. They base the solution on your existing workflows so that the users can adapt to it easily.

4. Scaling Custom CRM Software Is Effortless

Your business will grow with time and so will your software requirements. Small firms that purchase readymade tools have to subscribe to more expensive plans to accommodate new users. In some cases, they have to discard the product as it does not have the new features that they now require. They are forced to hire CRM software development services to craft a custom solution. Scaling a custom-made system is not difficult. Most agencies build such tools with an eye on the future. Adding new users is not difficult at all. New functionality can be included with minor modifications. This is why small firms owners must invest in a personalized application.

5. Smooth Contact Management And Marketing Automation

The workforce at small businesses with a limited budget manage their workload by handling multiple responsibilities at once. This can cause them to skip important tasks like entering a potential lead’s contact details in the system. A custom tool will be useful for such organizations as it will automate their unique processes and improve efficiency. The data collected at a touchpoint will be automatically stored and shared with all the relevant users. Marketing campaigns can also be automated with features like automatic sending of follow-up e-mails after a call. Custom CRM development companies will automate your workflows and contact management tasks to ease your workload.

6. Better Internal collaborations And Productivity

A custom tool will be perfectly aligned with your unique processes and user requirements. It will smoothen the flow of information between the different departments of your organization. The application will simplify processes and streamline customer initiatives. It will facilitate better communication between users located in different sections. All of this will improve the quality of internal collaborative efforts and productivity. That is why investing in custom CRM software will make sense for a small business owner.

Why SDLC Infotech Develops The Best CRM Software For Small Business?

Are you convinced about investing in custom CRM software development? Then you must hire SDLC Infotech which is the best CRM development company for small firms. Below are a few factors that make it the perfect development partner for small enterprises.

1. Use Proven Custom CRM Development Methodologies

Our custom CRM software development company uses tried and tested methodologies to plan and execute a project. Detailed discussions are held with clients and on-site visits made to fully assess their requirements and current state. This helps in building a tool that is aligned with your specific usage scenarios.

2. Expertise In All The Major CRM Development Platforms

SDLC Infotech is a leader in CRM development services in India because of its in-depth knowledge of all the major technology platforms. It has a team of experienced professionals with expertise in SugarCRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and others.

3. Competitively-priced CRM Development Services

SDLC Infotech is one of the top CRM development agencies in India that offer high-quality services at affordable rates. Small firm owners can approach us to build high-performance custom tools at economical prices.

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