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Why Offshore Software Development Agency Needs Project Manager

Most entrepreneurs when looking for a software development agency consider technical expertise and experience. Very few of them look for an offshore software development agency in India with experienced project managers. A survey conducted some time ago indicated that as less as 34% of projects in the IT industry are completed within the specified deadline. More than 55% of projects go over the defined budget. These statistics are reason enough for alarm bells to ring in every potential client’s mind. Companies also must focus on hiring reliable and experienced project managers who are aware of the best practices in the domain. Here are a few reasons why every development agency must have skilled project managers in its team.

1. Explain Technical Points To Clients

One of the biggest challenges that development agencies face while interacting with clients is in explaining technical aspects. It is not necessary that every person who approaches the company is technically proficient and knows about the intricacies of software development. You need someone who can explain the complex subjects in a language that the client understands. They will cut out the technical jargon so that people do not find it hard to understand the matter. Experienced managers draw an analogy from the client’s profession so that he/ she can see things in the correct perspective. This is one of the biggest reasons why the best offshore software development agency in India invest in hiring experienced professionals.

2. Planning The Steps In The Development Process

Project managers are professionals who have risen through the ranks of software development and are aware of the field’s inherent challenges. They know about the requirements of different types of development projects. Creating a CRM application will require a different approach from that needed for creating an e-commerce application. When you have an experienced professional in your team, he/ she can guide the development team about the important steps that must be taken to complete an assignment. The expert will list out all the essential parts of the process so that the development team gets a roadmap that they can use to boost their efficiency. All offshore software development agency in India will benefit greatly from hiring professionals with expertise in managing projects.

3. Controlling The Scope Of The Project

The scope of a project is the complete body of work that has to be completed for finishing the assignment. An offshore software development agency in India agency plans the cost, resource allotment, and the time frame according to what is to be delivered to the client. If the scope of the project changes, one or all the factors will also be affected. This means that the liability of the company will also be extended. A project manager is necessary for controlling the scope of an assignment and making sure that things remain manageable. The professional will ensure that the scope does not change drastically and all the resources are being optimally used to create the expected product.

4. Optimize The Budget Of The Project

Software development is full of infinite possibilities. While this helps in creating innovative solutions that ease complex processes, it can also create some unique problems. One of them is a project going over budget because of the addition of new modules. An offshore custom software development project that exceeds its budget will not be viable for the client as well as the developer. Someone has to take charge and ensure that things remain in control. There is no better person than a project manager to ensure that no extra expenses are incurred by the company. Moreover, the professional will also make sure that all the available financial resources are used in an optimized manner.

5. Managing The Efforts Of The Development Team

Building a software solution can take a long period of time. When the task is delegated to an offshore agency, then communication becomes a major factor. Clients will want to know about the latest updates about their projects. You will need to ensure that the assignment is on track to assure the clients. In such a scenario, appointing a project manager to manage the development team will be beneficial. The professional will coordinate the efforts of the junior coders as well as the senior programmers. This will help in improving the quality of your collaborative efforts and ensuring that the clients are satisfied with the services of the offshore software development agency in India.

6. Resolving Issues During The Development Process

Another area where a project manager can be invaluable is in mitigating the issues arising during an assignment. Problems will invariably occur during the creation of the software. Apart from technical issues such as bugs, other problems like developers leaving the team can also create hurdles in the path of efficient development. Experienced project managers are routinely sought after by offshore development agency in India and other locations to sort such matters. This helps in moving things forward and making sure that the company achieves the best results.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Offshore Software Development Company?

It will now be clear to you why you must hire an agency that has experienced project managers. The professionals will oversee the development of your custom software and ensure that you receive it within the specified timeframe. SDLC Infotech is the best offshore software development agency that has a team of able project managers. The agency has hired the professionals to ensure a good experience for its clients. Here are a few reasons why businesses looking for offshore software development solutions must hire the company.

1. Dedicated Project Manager For Every Assignment

SDLC infotech is one of the best offshore software development agency in India that appoints a dedicated project manager to every assignment it undertakes. This ensures that the project is planned and implemented in the best possible manner. It also helps in utilizing the in-house resources efficiently and delivering the expected application.

2. Affordable Offshore  Software Development Services

SDLC Infotech provides best-in-class services in the offshore software development domain in India. It has created a unique service model and offers custom payment plans to clients. This helps clients in receiving efficient services at competitive prices.

3. Efficient Support And Maintenance Services

SDLC Infotech is the best offshore software development agency in India that offers support and maintenance services to all the clients. This helps businesses in easily handling the updates and maintenance of the software packages installed at their facilities.

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