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Why A Custom Web Development Company Is Better Than Freelancers

Are you planning to hire a freelancer to build your business website? Think again. Why are you not hiring a custom web development company for the job? The main reason for your decision is cost. Isn’t it? Millions of small businesses engage freelancers rather than hiring a professional agency mainly due to a lower price tag. While the practice is suitable for a simple information website or a small project, it is not the correct approach for building business websites.

We are not suggesting that freelancers are inefficient. But developing an application to support and grow your business requires extensive planning. Apart from technological factors, you have to consider various marketing elements to create an effective interface. Can an individual with expertise in development technology handle all the research alone? Your website plays a critical role in establishing and growing your enterprise in an increasingly digital world. Think carefully before entrusting an entity with the task of developing it. Before you formalize the agreement with a freelance professional, read the points given below. This will help you choose the correct custom web development mode for building your application.

1. Access To Multiple Skill Sets

Building a website requires the collaboration of professionals with different but complementary skill sets. You need developers to write the code that will make things work under the hood. Then you need web designers to create an attractive layout. A web development project will be incomplete without Quality Assurance professionals. They will ensure that the final product is free of bugs and errors. Moreover, custom web development companies take inputs from digital marketing professionals to create an optimized website. It will be hard for an individual to possess all these skills. To complete your project, a freelancer will take help from other individuals. You cannot expect such a group to match the collaborative skills and services of a professional agency.

2. Personalized Web Design Aligned With Your Branding Strategy

Most freelance professionals use content management systems like WordPress to build websites. Even if they use core technologies such as PHP, they depend upon pre-made templates to create the layouts. Is it a good option for your business? It is important to create a distinctive outlook so that your enterprise stands out in the crowd. Furthermore, modern website development has become audience-centric. You have to create a design that resonates strongly with the audience. It is important to research audiences’ preferences to create an effective design. A professional custom web design agency will always be better positioned than a self-employed individual, for such a task. 

3. Features Tailored To Your Audience’s Needs

Websites are built to fulfill key business objectives. You want visitors to perform certain functions on your application that support your business goals. For example, a web development agency in India will want visitors to fill its contact form. This will help it generate new leads for business and build its email list. To encourage audiences to take conversion actions, you need to help them achieve their objectives of visiting your website. This can be done through custom features that ease users’ journeys on your interface. Again, the research and expertise needed to carry out such a job are better suited to an agency.

4. Faster Turn-around Time

The current pandemic is a perfect example of a situation forcing entrepreneurs to look for quick solutions. Lockdowns forced physical enterprises to invest in digital solutions like websites and mobile apps. Handling projects with close deadlines can be difficult for individuals. A custom web development company has multiple professionals with similar roles. It can easily ensure a faster turn-around time by breaking up the project into various modules. It will then entrust different teams with the responsibilities of creating each module. It will also ask the design, development, and testing teams to work simultaneously to ensure rapid development.

5. Build An Easily Scalable Application

Your website has to evolve with time to support new business requirements and other changes. You will have to add extra features to fulfill the new needs of your customers. Its design will also have to be updated to be in line with the latest trends and industry practices. Can you hope to hire the same freelancer after a year to make the changes? There are no such issues when working with custom web application development companies. They will create a scalable application that can be easily modified. 

6. Custom Websites Are Better For SEO

You will have to create an SEO campaign to promote your website among the target audience. User experience is an important factor that can affect your SEO program. A custom-built website will provide a better user experience than applications based on generic templates. Moreover, a reputed custom web development company will take inputs from in-house digital marketers before initiating a project. They will identify features and UI/ UX elements that will support your SEO campaign. You cannot expect a self-employed developer to create your product with such insights.

7. Better Value For Money

Outsourcing your project to a custom web development company in India or elsewhere will undoubtedly be expensive than a freelancer’s fee. But you have to think about the long-term gains of investing in a custom-built application. It provides you with increased flexibility and greater control over website security. Such a product is better aligned with your target audience’s behavior and needs as compared to one built by a freelancer. Custom-made websites offer better value for money than those created by self-employed professionals.

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