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6 Social Media Strategies For Retail Store By Digital Marketing Company In India

Digital technology has brought retail businesses closer to customers. However, still many retailers do not see much value in hiring a digital marketing company in India or any other place. They must realize that a strong online strategy can easily translate into more sales. Social media is one of the most advantageous platforms for retail enterprises. But again most businesses in the sector cannot think beyond creating profiles on various networks.

They have to understand the immense potential that social media possesses for their business. Nearly 89% of the people who follow a brand on social networks buy from it. 85% of them recommend the brand to their friends or families and also choose the brand over its rivals. In short, a strong social following allows you to build brand loyalty and widen your customer base. If you are one of those retailers who are still not leveraging social media, then its high time you started doing so. Here are a few powerful strategies that will help retailers build a strong social presence and generate more returns.

1. Implement An Omnichannel Approach

You have to adopt an omnichannel approach to social media marketing. It will not be sensible to limit your campaign to only one or two networks. Retail audiences can be deeply fragmented. To ensure that you effectively target each group, it is important to be active on multiple platforms. This will come with its own set of challenges. You will have to create a distinct brand voice while aligning with a network’s unique character. This is where you will need assistance from a reputed online marketing company in India. The agency will create a strategy that leverages each network’s strengths and best practices for your brand’s benefit.

2. Use Social Media To Generate  Feedback

Social media allows you to connect personally with your customers. Use this opportunity to know their views about your products, services, or the brand in general. Ask if they are happy with your current range of products or services? Do they want improvements in an existing product or service? Do not limit the feedback only to your offerings. Encourage people to share their views on your social content. Are they happy with the kind of posts you are uploading? The top 10 digital marketing companies in India say that finding answers to these questions will provide two-fold benefits. First, you will be able to improve the service you are providing to clients. Second, you will know whether your content strategy is resonating with the target audience or not.

3. Provide Improved Service Through Social Media

More than 55% of customers message a brand on a social channel to share a positive experience. 37% of consumers do so to complain about a service-related issue. These statistics indicate that most people interact with a brand on social media to share a customer service experience. You can use your social profiles to proved improved service to the audiences. Keep track of all the negative experiences that people share on your feeds. Make sure that you respond to each one of them. An experienced digital marketing company in India uses social customer service to handle issues and questions as well as highlight positive client experiences.   

4. Define A Creative Content Strategy

High-quality engaging content is a mandatory requirement for an effective social presence. You must outline a creative content plan to engage audiences. Start by understanding the nature of each platform that you are targeting. Then identify the type of material that should be posted on them. Include attractive images and videos in your strategy. Visual-based content drives high levels of engagement on social media. Make sure that each post has an eye-catching headline that prompts visitors to stop and consume the content. Plan your complete content strategy for all the channels at least two months in advance. This will allow your team to create and post the material on time. Every reliable digital marketing services company in India uses this approach to manage a campaign.

5. Spot Trends That Can Be Beneficial For Your Social Strategy

A key objective of every social media marketer is to create viral content. A good way to create material that will potentially attract high volumes of engagement is to leverage the latest trends. Keep an eye on the current hot topics and trends. Think if they suit your brand’s image or not. Check out what is catching your target audience’s attention. Include those elements in your posts. The top digital marketing agencies in India say that this will help in getting your audiences to begin conversations that mention your brand. The heightened engagement will improve your brand awareness and generate more sales prospects for your business.

6. Boost Engagement With User-generated Content

Another handy tactic to boost engagement is to ask people to share their content. You can run campaigns asking people to share their experiences with your products. They can post pictures or videos with your offerings. User-generated content boosts engagement on social media. You can also be creative and run such campaigns on special days. For instance, ask people to share their mother’s reaction after receiving a gift on mother’s day. Experts at a reputed digital marketing company India say that such content strikes an emotional chord with the audience and they relate with it.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Digital Marketing Company In India For Retail Businesses?

Are you convinced of the benefits of a strong social presence for retail enterprises? Do you want to create a robust social media campaign for your retail business? Then SDLC Infotech is the perfect digital marketing company in India for handling your campaign. Below are the key characteristics of the agency.

1. Custom Digital Marketing Plans For Boosting Audience Engagement

The best digital marketing agency in India creates custom social promotions campaigns that are designed for boosting audience engagement. The company uses creative content and consistent posting to ensure the best results in every campaign.

2. Use Social Analytics And Other Technology Tools For Better Planning

SDLC Infotech is one of the top digital marketing companies in India that uses the latest tools to drive campaigns. It uses the best social analytics tools to track and monitor campaigns. The inferences drawn with the help of the tools are used in planning a campaign and improving its effectiveness. 

3. Dedicated Teams For All Digital Marketing Services

Simply relying on social media is not going to be enough for any brand. You need to create a comprehensive digital presence across multiple channels. SDLC Infotech offers a complete range of digital marketing services in India through dedicated teams. At the agency, you will find experts for search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, PPC campaigns, and online reputation management along with social media marketing.

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