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How Best Digital Marketing Agencies In India Promote Startups

Are you a startup owner looking for an economical and effective marketing technique? This article explaining how the best digital marketing agencies in India boost a startup’s online presence is meant just for you. About 90% of new startups fail and only one in ten survives to become an established name. Even though most of them are based on an innovative idea, these businesses fail because of a lack of growth. Poor marketing strategy is one of the biggest reasons for this. If audiences are not aware of your brand, how do you expect them to become customers?

Digital marketing can be a potent tool for promoting a new business. Below are some strategies that the top online marketing companies in India use to promote startups.

1. Build A Trustworthy And User-friendly Website

Before you initiate an online marketing campaign, you must build an effective website. All the different strategies like SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing will drive people towards your interface. If it does not arise a feeling of trust in them, they will not take the required conversion actions. All reliable digital marketing services in India will suggest that you hire a reputable web development and design company to build a robust website. You must conduct a target audience and competitor research before starting the development work. This will provide you with sufficient inputs to include user-friendly features and design elements. Create unique, informative, interesting, and engaging content about your industry, organization, and products/ services. This will ensure that most of the visitors who are directed by various marketing campaigns will be encouraged to try out your offerings.

2. Use Search Engine Optimization To Get In Front Of Relevant Audiences

Search engine optimization is arguably the most effective strategy to get in front of audiences with high potential to convert. SEO campaigns will take at least three to four months before your search results ranking start showing improvement. But they boost your organic digital presence on search engines that have become the global connected population’s primary information source. An effective optimization program gets your website in the view of people looking for products or services in your industry. SEO is not only about targeting relevant keywords and optimizing your website content. A service provider like the best digital marketing agency in India will use the website layout along with on-page and off-page content to project your business as a trustworthy enterprise.

3. Use The Extensive Reach Of Social Media To Promote Startups

Social media provides another powerful avenue to effectively promote a startup. More than 85% of marketers feel that a social media marketing campaign has improved the exposure of their brand. Almost every connected user in the world is active on one or more social networks. Facebook, the world’s most popular social network has over 2 billion users. The user base of popular channels like Facebook and Twitter cut across all age groups and demographic segments. A top digital marketing company in India will identify suitable channels for a startup based on its target audience. For example, it will use Instagram in a big way if the target customers are primarily women below the age of 34 years. An effective campaign with regular posts across all channels quill help in building a strong and loyal customer base.

4. Implement Content Marketing To Build Long-lasting Customer Relationships

Content marketing has emerged as an effective strategy for all types of businesses. It involves engaging audiences through informative and interesting content that is not overly promotional. The main objective is to provide useful information to the audience. The best digital marketing agencies in India use content marketing to project a startup as a thought leader in its domain. It helps in increasing brand awareness and brand recognition. It enhances the reputation of a business. The audience starts considering it as a source of reliable and useful information. The strategy is effective in forging long-lasting bonds with the customers.

5. Drive Revenue Growth With Email Marketing

The top digital marketing companies in India use email marketing to generate more revenue for startups. It is one of the most cost-effective strategies around with a survey indicating that email marketing has a 122% RoI. The technique allows businesses to communicate in a personalized manner with customers. Brands that are launching soon can inform potential customers about the event. Businesses use the strategy to entice customers with freebies, discounts, and other offers. They also provide valuable information in the form of tips, e-books, PDFs, etc. All this helps in engaging customers and encouraging them to make a purchase.

6. Boost Brand Awareness With Videos

An average internet user watches over 90 minutes of online video every day. People prefer videos over text-based material when they want to understand a topic. Digital marketing services in India use this trend to promote startups. They create brand films to increase brand awareness and educational clips to explain an industry-related topic to the audiences. They also use demo videos to show how their products/ services function in real life. Video testimonials are more believable and relatable than text-based feedback. Moreover, using video allows marketers to promote a brand on the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Digital Marketing Agency In India For Startups?

Startups need cost-effective strategies that can bring some quick gains as well as build a strong and long-lasting presence. SDLC Infotech is one of the best digital marketing agencies in India to promote startups in the online space. Below are a few notable qualities of the agency.

1. Separate Departments For All Digital Marketing Services

SDLC Infotech’s digital marketing business in India is based on core expertise in all the different marketing practices. It is one of the few agencies in the country with separate departments for all the major online marketing services like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, PPC ad campaigns, etc.

2. Customized Digital Marketing Campaigns

SDLC Infotech is one of the best digital marketing firms in India that creates personalized campaigns for all clients. The nature of the business, its size, target audience, competitors, and other vital factors are taken into consideration to build custom campaigns.

3. Economically-priced Digital Marketing Services In India

SDLC Infotech is committed to providing the best digital marketing services in India at affordable rates. The agency has special pricing packages for startups so that organizations with a limited budget can benefit from strong online marketing campaigns.

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