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How SEO Companies In India Optimize For Search Intent

Are you investing a lot of effort in content creation but still not getting the expected SEO results? Reputed SEO companies in India say that your content may not be aligned with the right search intent. Search engines have become the most popular source of information for connected people across the world. People use them to find information on all kinds of topics. Whether you want to know the name of the singer in a song or the price of popular Bluetooth speakers, search engines can provide you all the answers, most of the time. There are various objectives that users want to achieve by using online search resources.

That is why it is necessary to match your content with the right search intent. Search engines try to provide the most relevant answers to their users. Google has indicated many times that it aims to provide results that satisfy user intent. The better you optimize for your target audience’s intent, the brighter the chances of improving your rankings. Aligning your SEO strategy with various intent types also helps in successfully engaging audiences at various stages of the buying funnel. Let’s see how experienced digital marketing agencies in India optimize a campaign for user intent.

What Is Search Intent?

Why does someone conduct an online search? Is the individual interested in learning more about a topic? Did he use the search engine to research products for buying? Search intent is the main objective that a user wants to achieve by entering the query in a search engine. Most of the time, people are looking for specific answers when doing a search. The best SEO agencies in India try to understand the objectives of their target audiences’ searches. This allows them to effectively address their customers’ concerns and helps them in improving their SERP positions. For example, a fitness equipment manufacturer has to understand the difference between “exercise bike prices” and “how to use an exercise bike”. Both queries reflect distinctive intents and cannot be satisfied with the same approach.

How Top SEO Companies In India Optimize For Search Intent?

Let’s now discuss the strategies that knowledgeable SEO consultants and agencies implement to optimize successfully for search intent.

1. Know The Main Types Of Search Intent

There are four main search intent types that you must know about. The first is informational which means that the user is looking for some specific piece of information. “How to boil an egg?” or “latest soccer score” are examples of searches made with an informational intent. The second is navigational which is used by searchers who know the website or platform that they want to visit. For instance, “Instagram login” will be used by a person who wants to access the login page of the social networking website. The third is the transactional intent which is shown by an individual considering a purchase. “Buy XYZ laptop” is an example of transactional intent. The user wants to buy a certain brand’s laptop and is searching for a place to complete the transaction. The commercial investigation intent is shown by users when they are researching a solution or a purchase. For instance, “best gaming laptops” will be used by a person who wants to purchase a computer for online gaming. Experts at the top 100 SEO companies in India make it a point that all their professionals know about these search intent types.

2. Determine The Search Intent Types For Targeting

Most businesses and marketers know that a potential customer will reflect all these intents at different stages of his/ her buying journey. They are aware of the importance of optimizing their website for all the search intent types. But how do you achieve the objective? You have to determine suitable keywords for each intent type. Look at the modifiers being used with your main keywords, in searches. Words like how, why, tips, ideas, etc. show informational intent while best, top, and compare are examples of commercial investigation. You do not need SEO companies in India to tell you that buy or price reflect transactional intent. A brand name or the name of an organization will be used in searches with navigational intent. Reading the SERPS related to your main keywords will also give you a good idea of how the audiences are using different types of modifiers. 

3. Study The Competition To Get Valuable Ideas

Check out the websites that are appearing on top of the SERPs of your main keywords. Find out how they are targeting the keywords reflecting different intent types. Are they focusing specifically on a particular keyword belonging to a specific intent type? What is the kind of content they are using to target the audiences? Visit the pages listed in the SERPs to check the topics they cover. Also note the tone used in creating the write-ups. Moreover, reputed SEO services in India and elsewhere note the way the content is formatted. They also assess the material to identify gaps that they can fill through their campaigns.

4. Align Your Content With The Search Intent

You have now gathered all the important inputs for your strategy. You know the keywords to be targeted and have also identified suitable topics and content types. The major content types being used in SEO campaigns are blogs and landing pages. Many businesses, especially e-commerce enterprises will find product or category pages ranking high for different intent types. The way a content is structured also plays a key role in effective optimization. Are numbered lists ranking highly in your category? Then you will also have to format your material accordingly. Finally, an SEO experts company in India will also look at the unique selling point of the content. What is the unique value that only you are offering to users? It can be an innovative method, useful tip, discounts, or any other offer.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best SEO Company To Optimize For Search Intent?

You need to partner with dependable professionals to successfully optimize your campaign for search intent. SDLC Infotech is one of the most reliable SEO agencies in India that you can hire for achieving the objective. Here are a few strong points of the company.

1. Strong Team Of Knowledgeable SEO Consultants

SDLC Infotech is one of the few SEO companies in India with a team of experienced professionals. The agency has hired specialist SEO consultants who have been managing campaigns for more than ten years. These experts have handled successful campaigns for organizations in all the major industries.

2. Analyses With The Latest Tools And Techniques

The best SEO agency in India continuously monitors campaigns to ensure they remain on the right track. It uses the latest analytics tools for the purpose. Apart from this, the company also uses the latest tools to conduct competitor and audience analysis.

3. Custom SEO Strategies For Every Campaign

SDLC Infotech is one of the best offshore SEO companies in India that creates customized campaigns for all clients. The agency devises strategies according to inferences drawn from audience research and competitor analysis. This helps it in creating powerful and focused campaigns.

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