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How The Best Digital Marketing Agency In India Boosts Customer Engagement

Do you know that a fully engaged customer can bring in 23% more revenue than average? The best digital marketing agency in India and other such services regularly advise their clients on ways to boost customer engagement. Chances are that you must be trying to engage your audiences on various digital platforms. But are you achieving success in the initiative? Many entrepreneurs complain that despite posting valuable content on multiple channels including websites and social media, they do not get the expected returns.

The reason for failure lies in the tactics used for boosting audience engagement. There is no single strategy that will work for every enterprise. But if you empathize with your audiences and use simple and clear messages, then success will not be far. Here we have collected some effective strategies to enhance customer engagement by using digital channels. Try these methods and see your engagement levels rise higher and higher. 

1. Interact With Followers Who Initiate Engagement

Most users are focused on increasing the number of social media followers or growing their email lists. This is not an incorrect approach but fixating on these numbers can make you lose sight of engagement. Many people will leave a comment on your social media posts or website blogs. Make sure that you respond to such users. Do not post generic responses and ensure that you give an indication that you value their feedback. Some people may also post service-related complaints on social media profiles of businesses. You must quickly respond to such feedback. More than 70% of consumers feel that brands must respond swiftly to such posts. That is why every top 100 digital marketing company in India makes it a point to track brand mentions and post quick responses.

2. Ask People To Post Feedback

Not everyone will post feedback by themselves. You have to encourage people to post their views about your products or services or talk about their interactions with your brand. Ask your customers to post their feedback on the desired digital channels after they have subscribed to your products or services. Never fail to capitalize on an opportunity to give people a chance to communicate their views about your brand. When you respond to voluntary comments on digital channels, encourage the people to share more views. While posting content on social media, ask a question so that people are inclined to give an answer. Experts at top digital marketing companies in India say that the objective is to start a conversation that can be transformed into a continuous engagement.

3. Use Personalized Communication To Engage Audiences

75% of potential customers will buy from a brand that is offering a personalized experience. Email is the best medium to increase engagement through personalization. But for most enterprises, personalization begins and ends by beginning an email with the recipient’s name. Personalized communication goes beyond that and it must include empathy with a user’s specific pain points. Segment your email lists on the basis of their interactions with your website, buying history, location, interests, job profile, or any other relevant factor. The best digital marketing agency in India says that this will help you in tailoring your content according to a user’s likes and dislikes. Such communication will resonate strongly with the audience and enhance their engagement.

4. Run Interesting And Exciting Contests

Contests use the natural human urge to compete and win to create engagement. Social media is the perfect channel for running contests and engaging your audiences. Identify your objective to determine the nature of the competition. Do you want to gain new customers or re-engage existing ones? Do you want to boost brand awareness with the contest? Find an answer to such questions and then pick a suitable contest type. Set up an entry method like posting a picture with your product and offer attractive prizes. Experts at the top digital marketing services in India say that you must create a short, memorable, effective, and relevant hashtag for the competition.

5. Include Video In Your Strategy

Mobile video consumption is growing by 100% every year. More than 80% of all consumer internet traffic is driven by videos. It is not hard to understand that video is gradually becoming the dominant content type. There are various ways in which you can use videos to engage the audiences. You can create explainer clips, tutorials, video blogs, product videos, and interviews. Apart from this, you can also live stream events on social networks or your website. Experienced professionals at the best digital marketing agency India say that you must also know the correct way to promote video content. Include keyword-optimized descriptions along with keyword tags with the clips. Ask people to like, tag, share, and comment on the content. Also, create a branded theme for your material so that people can easily identify them.

6. Conduct Surveys To Show People That You Care About Their Views

Surveys conducted by a brand indicate to its audience that it cares about their feedback and wants to improve its services and outlook. Determine a specific objective for the survey. For instance, if you are seeing longer complain redressal cycles, then you can conduct a survey with the goal to improve your response time. This will help you in choosing the right questions to ask. Make sure that the questions are relevant. Do not include more than ten questions in the survey as people do not like lengthy questionnaires. The best digital marketing agencies in India offer a freebie in exchange for the survey to increase participation.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Digital Marketing Agency In India For Boosting Customer Engagement? 

Having a reliable digital marketing consultant by your side will prove to be valuable in implementing plans to improve customer engagement. SDLC Infotech is the best digital marketing company in India for increasing your brand’s engagement. The agency can help you in the following ways:

1. Drive Engagement With Positive Customer Experiences

SDLC Infotech knows that healthy customer engagement can only be made possible by positive customer experiences. The top digital marketing agency in India studies your audience interactions across various touchpoints and then creates a strategy to ensure fulfilling user experiences.

2. Create Custom Plans Based On Analytics Evaluations

SDLC Infotech is easily the best digital marketing agency in India for enhancing your audience engagement because of its knowledge of the latest tools and techniques. It uses modern analytics solutions to gain insights into audience behavior and requirements and creates custom online marketing plans.

3. Expertise In All Digital Marketing Services

SDLC Infotech offers the best digital marketing services in India. The company has dedicated teams for all the different online marketing practices such as SEO, social media marketing, social media optimization, content marketing, email marketing, paid adverts, and online marketing. Each team is headed by a domain expert with multiple successful campaigns under his or her belt.

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