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New Google Search Suggestions Based On Recent Activity

What It Means For You And The Best Digital Marketing Agency In India

Google is the world’s largest search engine and an important platform for businesses and marketers. All entrepreneurs hire the best digital marketing agency in India or other such services to get in front of their target audiences on search platforms. Google has captured more than 90% of the search market share worldwide mainly due to its constantly-improving and accurate results. It offers a range of helpful other web-based services besides being the author of the popular mobile operating system, Android. But search remains its most popular offering. Its name has become synonymous with online search and some leading dictionaries consider Google to be a verb for online searching. The world’s premier search platform is constantly fine-tuning its methodology to provide better results to users. Recently it released a core update to its algorithm- the second this year, with the same objective.

Experts at reputable digital marketing agency in India and other locations recently noted a new feature in some search results. Let’s see what this new feature is all about.

How Google Is Presenting Search Suggestions?

The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in Google have evolved significantly over the years. Earlier, you would see a simple list of the web pages that matched your query. Now, apart from organic results, there are various other items that are vying for your attention. If you are asking a question, then chances are that a brief answer in a box would be displayed on top of all the organic results. As you scroll down, you will see the “people also ask” box which contains questions related to your query. A knowledge panel with summarized information is displayed along with the results when people search for entities such as persons, organizations, things, and places. Experts at the top digital marketing agency in India say that the world’s number one search platform is also placing PPC adverts at prominent locations in SERPs.

Recently SEO consultant service professionals noticed another interesting feature on SERPs. Google is now presenting personalized search suggestions. It is now presenting results that are “Suggested based on your recent activity”. Take a look at the image given above. The user had searched for Google Assistant before entering the query shown in the picture. The search engine used the searcher’s activity to present the suggestion.

What Does It Mean For Google Search Users?

The important point to consider is how these Google search suggestions are going to affect the users. They are definitely a good feature as most people conduct a series of searches while trying to find the necessary information. This means that people searching for a particular product or service will get better and more appropriate buying suggestions. Experienced professionals at the best digital marketing agency in India say that the feature is visible in different types of searches. While better product suggestions seem to be the biggest benefit, there can be other gains that users can make from this feature. You might find a tasty food recipe or discover an amazing new place to eat while conducting related searches. 

What Do The New Google Search Suggestions Mean For Businesses?

Business owners like their audiences will be happy with the new feature. As Google starts showing suggestions based on a user’s previous queries, it gives them a chance to expose their audiences to more products. Let’s say someone is searching for a particular streaming service and had previously looked for entertainment options in his location. Now, it is possible that the search platform links the two queries and suggests a new streaming service that is offering a discount to new subscribers in the user’s location. This means that brands can now influence audience behavior if Google presents them with options that the people might not have considered otherwise. However, business owners will have to hire top digital marketing agency in India to leverage the new feature. 

How Will Digital Marketing Agencies Be Affected By The New Feature?

The new feature is going to affect how top digital marketing agency in India and other major markets work. SEO consultants at the agencies are now going to be asked by users to target such suggestions. What business owners and other clients must understand is that Google is offering options based on a user’s previous queries. If their product/ service satisfies the relevancy criteria and they are running a comprehensive SEO campaign, then they can appear in the related results also. However, smart digital marketing professionals are already creating extensive campaigns that target specific keywords and all the latent semantic suggestions related to them. At present, personalized recommendations seem to be based only on previous search history. But the search engine market leader has not made it clear if it is using all the behavioral information that it has about a user including interactions on platforms other than its search platform. Once things become more clear digital marketing agencies will also find it easier to craft effective strategies.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Digital Marketing Agency In India For SEO?

Search engine optimization is a constantly changing field. You need skillful professionals to manage your campaigns. Experienced SEO consultants will ensure that the program is on the right track and achieving good results. SDLC Infotech is the best digital marketing agency in India for business owners who want an effective SEO campaign. Here are a few reasons why you must hire the full-service digital marketing company for promoting your brand.

1. Professionals Who Are Aware Of The Latest Trends

One of the biggest reasons why SDLC Infotech is the best digital marketing agency in India that it has experts who are aware of the latest trends. They know about all the latest developments in the fields of SEO and online marketing. Our agency keeps track of the latest algorithmic updates of major search engines and makes the necessary adjustments to a campaign.

2. Extensive Research And Analysis By Digital Marketing Experts

SDLC Infotech’s digital marketing business in India is supported by extensive research by domain experts. The company has experienced professionals for all the major online marketing techniques such as SEO, SMO, online reputation management, and paid advertising. These experts conduct research to find out how developments like algorithm updates will affect businesses in different industries.

3. Campaign Tracking With Modern Tools

SDLC Infotech is one of the few digital marketing agency in India that uses the latest tools for tracking campaigns. Every program is monitored with the best analytics solutions to get deeper insights and ensure that it is on course to achieving the expected results.

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