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5 Actionable Ecommerce Website Development Tips To Ensure Success

Do you know that the online shopping industry is expected to be worth $4 trillion by the time 2020 ends? Ecommerce website development has become the preferred choice of numerous entrepreneurs. A global trend has emerged where people are preferring to conduct shopping transactions from the comforts of their homes rather than visiting physical outlets. That is why so many business owners are planning to launch online shopping websites. Are you also one of those investors interested in e-commerce ventures? Then you must learn some handy tips for creating an effective digital store. There is intense competition in the industry and if you do not plan well, then chances of success will not be bright.

Creating an optimized website that is aligned with the tastes of your target audience is essential for success. Defining a clear approach to development will help in the creation of an effective store that will be liked by your customers. Here are a few ideas that you can use for optimized e-commerce web development.

1. Choose A Suitable E-commerce Development Platform

The choice of the technology platform for building the e-store is going to be critical for your future. There are numerous web development platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and OpenCart that are dedicated to e-commerce development. These tools provide pre-built elements for catalogs, inventory management, shipping and payment options besides other features. This has made it easy for people to build an online store. But you must consider various factors before choosing a development technology. First, assess how many products and categories will be on your website. Then, you have to consider how the things at the backend will be handled. Will you outsource the tasks to a professional agency or manage them by yourself? The ease of use, therefore, becomes a significant factor. Apart from this, your budget will also be a significant consideration. Consult an expert at a dependable ecommerce store development company to choose a suitable platform.

2. Create An Intuitive Store Design To Provide A Good User Experience

It is vital to provide a fulfilling shopping experience in your store to ensure its success. People must be able to easily find the desired item in as few clicks as possible. The solution to this lies in creating an intuitive layout that guides people visually. Extensive audience behavior research along with industry-specific insights will help you in creating a user-friendly storefront. Websites that have multi-layered categories with numerous products can find the task a little difficult. But some web design best practices like a fixed header menu and search bar will be helpful in creating an efficient navigation plan. Find a knowledgeable ecommerce website design expert and consult the professional about creating an intuitive store design.

3. Add High-quality And Optimized Product Images And Videos

Customers will buy products only if they are convinced of their quality and utility. It is impossible for visitors to feel and touch an item on an e-store. This can sometimes be a stumbling block in generating good sales. An effective solution to this problem is to include images and videos for each product. Make sure that you take pictures of a product from different angles. This will provide a good idea of the item to a potential shopper. Another good option is to include product videos that show how it works in a real-life scenario. The idea is to encourage users to take the next step in their buyer’s journey and get close to conversion. Take advice from ecommerce website development experts to learn how to optimize media elements before uploading them on your website.

4. Create A Simple And Quick Checkout Process

Statistics show that an average of 23% of online shoppers in the USA abandon a cart because of a long-winded checkout process. Once visitors have selected the items and are ready to purchase them, the process must be short and simple to close the sale quickly. Do not try to use the checkout stage to gain some more information from your audiences. Many business owners feel that the extra details can be helpful in marketing initiatives. What they forget is that closing the sale will automatically give them more opportunities to get the information. Apart from necessary fields such as name, shipping address, payment details, email ID, etc., you must not include any other field. Furthermore, allow people to shop as guests without making registration mandatory. All the top ecommerce development companies in India advise their clients to create a simple checkout process.

5. Ensure Responsiveness And Optimized Page Loading Speed

Mobile-friendliness and page loading speed are essential for good user experience. They are also vital ranking signals that can affect your website’s SEO campaign. Build the store with responsive design techniques so that mobile audiences can access it easily. Make sure that your development team uses the best coding practices to reduce bloat of any kind. Sign up with a reliable hosting service provider. All this will ensure that your website will have a good page loading speed. Remember that you must compare the loading time of your e-store with another entity in your category. Your interface’s speed must be similar to or better than that of your competitors. Never make the mistake of comparing the speed with an unrelated entity. Hiring a reliable ecommerce solutions company will take care of all these factors.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Ecommerce Web Development Company In India?

Partnering with a dependable service provider is essential for building a potentially successful online shopping website. SDLC Infotech is the best ecommerce web development company in India for building optimized stores. Here are the key features of the e-commerce development services offered by the agency.

1. Experts In Using Major E-commerce Development Platforms

SDLC Infotech has hired some of the best ecommerce developers in India. These professionals are adept at using core technologies like .NET, Java, and PHP to build online shopping websites. At the same time, the company has developers with proficiency in e-commerce-specific platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

2. Transparent And Seamless Communication With Clients

SDLC Infotech is counted among the best offshore agencies for e-commerce development by overseas entrepreneurs because of its strong communication skills. The company uses multiple communication methods to keep in touch with clients and shares every important piece of information readily with them.

3. Efficient E-commerce Website Maintenance Services

Running an online shopping website can be a time-consuming and laborious task. Managing the website can be challenging for a store owner who is already juggling multiple responsibilities. SDLC Infotech is one of the best ecommerce website development companies in India that also offers dedicated maintenance services. This allows e-commerce store owners to run their business without any added responsibilities.

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