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Web Development Checklist Every Company Must Follow In 2021

Do you know what all is needed to build a high-performance website quickly? Professionals must use a web development checklist to cover all aspects. Every web development company in India must refer to this list to efficiently handle a project. The audiences assuming a central position along with the emergence of better technologies have changed things significantly over the years. Modern websites are made to fulfill specific business goals. They must also perform optimally on various devices. A new development company can be easily overwhelmed by the multitude of factors it has to track. This checklist will ease their difficulty and allow them to perform better in 2021.

1. Target Audience Analysis And Competitor Research

You must start by gaining an understanding of your target audience. Learn about its demographic makeup and collect data related to age, gender, occupation, education, etc. You must also collect psychographic details like their aspirations and goals. If the target audience is B2B organizations, then your website development company in India must know about long and short-term business goals in addition to company size, markets, etc. The objective is to know the requirements and preferences of the target audience. It will also be pertinent to research the competitor websites in your category. This will give you a fair idea of the necessary features and other elements of the new application.

2. Domain Name And Hosting

The next item on your agenda should be to choose an easy to remember and type domain name. The selected term must be unique and relevant to your industry. Selecting a reliable hosting service provider is another critical requirement to fulfill. Most users make the mistake of choosing a hosting service solely on the basis of price. The top 10 web development companies in India say that this can cause performance issues on your website. A dependable hosting service will ensure minimum downtime and provide beneficial additional features like backups and easy scalability.

3. Identifying Different Navigation Plans

Most people think that a website navigation scheme is only planning the items in the main menu on the homepage. But modern-day interfaces are accessed on multiple devices. You have to identify a suitable navigation plan for mobile devices that involves designing a menu compatible with the limited space. Moreover, you will require bread crumb navigation and an on-site search feature to ensure an optimized user experience. An experienced offshore web development company in India will identify different navigation plans right at the outset.

4. Use Prototyping For Clarity

Creating a prototype helps an agency and the client to get on the same page. It removes potential roadblocks from the development process. All reputed web development agencies in India use prototyping tools to create interactive working models. A prototype includes all the pages and inner pages based on the chosen content or navigational hierarchy. The client can interact with this basic model to see whether it has been constructed to support the target user journeys or not. Prototyping is an iterative process that uses client feedback to move to the next stage.

5. Determining Coding Best Practices

You must create an efficient code to support dynamic and interactive applications. It is important to outline some coding best practices for your development team to follow. Ask them to use efficient code editing tools that have auto-correction features. This will help in minimizing formatting and indentation errors. Instruct them to include only essential comments so that the code remains easily comprehensible. Every web development company in India must ask its programmers to use simple logic while crafting the code. They must also adopt naming conventions to make things easier for everyone.

6. Outline The UX Design Roadmap

The UX design must help in improving the usability of a website. A web design and development company in India must build a simple layout to meet the expectations of the target audience. They must implement a visual hierarchy that highlights key elements in the order of their importance. The design must be consistent across all pages to build trust among the audience. You must choose a color palette and typography scheme that is in synchronization with the website’s branding strategy.

7. Identify Smart UI Elements For All Pages

Smart UI elements like CTA buttons play an important role in driving conversions. Identify different such elements that must be included on all the pages. Make sure that the tabs and links are designed in a manner that encourages users to click on them. Apart front this, you must also have a plan for creating progress trackers and coming soon buttons. This is an important item in the web design checklist for top web design companies in India as more and more businesses want their applications to support their business goals.

8. Responsiveness And Page Loading Speed

These are two critical aspects that will influence the success of the new application. Use development best practices to create a lightweight website. Add media elements like images and videos only after proper optimization. All this will help in optimizing the page loading speed. Moreover, a web development agency in India has to use responsive design techniques. This will help ensure that the website can be used perfectly on all devices.

9. Website Security Features

Website security is another important factor that web development services in India have to consider right at the outset. They must choose a suitable SSL certificate to encrypt the communication between the website server and the users’ browsers. They must also ask their coders to follow universal security standards and create effective authentication and authorization processes. This will create multiple layers of security around an application give users the confidence to use it without any apprehensions.

Every professional coder must use this web development checklist to achieve the best results in 2021. The list will help them create better applications and improve their productivity.

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