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How To Use Twitter To Generate Leads Organically For Your Business

Do you use Twitter to interact and engage with your audience? If yes, then are you aware that the world’s most popular microblogging service is also a powerful lead generation tool? Take a look at some important statistics provided by Twitter itself:

  • 69% of people became a small or medium enterprise’s customers after becoming its follower on the social network
  • 78% of the users who follow a small or medium business on Twitter retweet its content

These two pieces of statistical information show why the microblogging site must be an integral part of every business’s digital marketing strategy. Most people think that the channel is ideal for boosting your brand’s recognition and engagement. They must realize that Twitter also has great potential for generating organic leads for their enterprise. Here we will discuss some tips to use Twitter to generate leads for your organization. It does not matter whether you are targeting B2B or B2C customers, these clever ideas will help you attract more potential clients in every segment.

1. Create Buyer Personas For Your Business

It is impossible to create an effective digital marketing plan without having an in-depth knowledge of your potential customers. You must create buyer personas that are accurate representations of the major segments within your target audience. Conduct surveys to find out the issues being faced by your customers and the kind of solutions they desire. It will also be pertinent to collect their demographic details and know about other factors that can affect their purchase decisions. Every Twitter account has an analytics feature that can be accessed easily through your profile. Use the feature to find out the composition of the traffic to your profile. Once you have gathered all data, create one or more buyer personas that contain details like your audience’s age, gender, location, occupation, interests, buying patterns, and income levels. This will enable you to create content that will resonate in the best possible way with your customers. Get in touch with a digital marketing services expert to build effective customer profiles for your enterprise.

2. Identify The Best Schedule For Posting Content

The time at which you post content on your feed impacts its effectiveness. There is no point in posting informative or interesting material when no one is consuming it. In order to boost your lead generation chances, it is essential that your content is exposed to the maximum possible audience. Top digital marketing experts are of the opinion that most users are active on their profiles while they are commuting to work. Moreover, social media marketing experts that specialize in Twitter marketing feel that midweek, especially Wednesday is the best day for targeting B2B clients.  However, you must align your posting schedule with the Twitter-using pattern of your target audience. There are tools that will help you analyze your visitors’ behavior to know the times they are active on the platform. Then you can team up with a digital marketing company in India to devise content posting schedule that is optimized for your potential customers’ Twitter usage.

3. Post Content That Is Optimized For Your Audience’s Consumption

Posting good content is essential if you want to use Twitter to generate leads for your business. Uploading valuable material can engage audiences as well as encourage them to take a converting action. Creating tweets that are interesting will become easy if you have implemented the first idea that we discussed in this article. A well-structured buyer persona will help you identify topics that can be used for creating tweets. You can post status updates that communicate important news related to your brand like a product launch. It will also be a good idea to post links to your content on other platforms. For instance, you can tweet the link to your latest website blog. This will direct good traffic to your website that can be converted into leads. Moreover, do not limit your content strategy only to text-based material. Post images and small video clips that can generate interest among the audience and encourage them to use your brand.

4. Use Hashtags Smartly To Get In Front Of Relevant Audiences

According to an estimate, more than 350,000 tweets are sent every minute. Your upload can be easily lost in this deluge if you do not add suitable hashtags. A study says that tweets with hashtags can boost user engagement by about 1,065%. However, simply adding a trending hashtag is not going to generate valuable results. You have to assess the relevance of a popular tag to your enterprise or content before including it. Focus on labels that are related to your niche or industry segment. It will also be sensible to create some tags around your own brand or campaigns. This will ensure that your content reaches out to the correct users and also improves your chances of acquiring more leads. Identifying the best hashtags for your profile requires professional handling. You must consult social media marketing experts who have extensive experience in promoting brands on the micro-blogging site. Such professionals will devise an effective hashtagging strategy for your brand.

5. Build Segmented Lists And Engage Leads Personally

It is important to personally engage leads on your profile to extract some fruitful results. This can seem to be a difficult task on Twitter as the tweets sent by your users will vanish under the constant inflow of fresh posts. Unless users specifically mention your name and you are tracking your mentions, it is virtually impossible to have meaningful conversations with interested users. The solution to this problem lies in building segmented lists. Twitter allows you to create lists based on users’ behavior, status, and niches. Dividing your followers into lists will enable you to bundle similar users together and have separate conversations with them. This will allow you to foster relationships that can be converted into leads and graduate existing leads into customers.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is an excellent platform for boosting brand recognition and audience engagement. The potential of your Twitter profile can be maximized if you implement the ideas discussed here. These tips will transform your account into a lead-generation machine for your business. You must team up with a digital marketing company in India to create a structured plan for promoting your venture on the micro-blogging site. SDLC Infotech is a digital marketing services company that provides social media experts for hire. The agency will connect you with professionals who have extensive experience in Twitter marketing.

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